Faces of Elmwood – Anne Pinnock

Anne Pinnock is a first generation Filipino, wife and mother of two. Born and raised in rural Manitoba, she has a passion for youth advocacy and social justice. Combining her Bachelor degrees in Political Science and International Development Studies along with her Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business, Anne has immersed herself in the non-profit world through her work with ECRC centre as a Financial Administrator and Community Program Facilitator. Through her strong connection to the community, she participates in and supports the development of leadership and empowerment programming. She is part of the Advisory Committee with Immigration Partnership Winnipeg.

1. What is a world or local issue are passionate about and why?
I am passionate about youth advocacy and social justice. Our youth are an amazing resource to understanding our community and the challenges it faces and they need their voices to be heard. They are often the most creative and most willing to think out of the box and could potentially provide us with amazing solutions to our problems.

2. Was there an important moment in your life? What was it and why?
The most important moment(s) of my life were definitely the births of my children. They remind me to have perspective and enjoy the small things in life. They also cause me to be more mindful of my words and my actions because they will (sometimes unfortunately) repeat exactly what I say or do. I want my work in the non-profit and in the community to be something that they can also be one day proud of.

3. What project or job that you are working on that you are proud of and why? Or it could be a project that you have done in the past. 

I am the facilitator for the Blue Print for Hope- Saraswati Girls Initiative at ECRC. This all female led program has been an amazing journey of gathering strong women in the community who want to make a difference in the upcoming generation. It has been fantastic to see to have the youth girls learn skills from these women. I look forward to seeing where the youth will go with the skills they’ve learned.