In Memory of Sean Sousa, Scholarship
It is with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to our dear Sean.
Sean started with us as a volunteer but quickly became the pillar of the youth program. 

The program’s main goal was to prevent at-risk youth from taking the wrong path. Sean has always argued that we should not limit ourselves to prevention but include reaching out to those who have already ended up on the wrong side and bringing them back. He led by example and did exactly that. Many people in our area today are who they are thanks to Sean not giving up on anyone. 

At ECRC today we are glad that we did not keep Sean to ourselves. His skills, energy, and joy of life could not be limited to one organization. Sean expanded his wings and moved on with his career, but ECRC was the home he always came back to, and how glad we are he did! 

His laughter and positive personality will be missed in our hallways and offices. We will keep and cherish the memories we made with our dear friend until we meet again. 

In the memory of Sean, his love and dedication to the underserved youth, we will be awarding a scholarship to one deserving youth in the memory of Sean Sousa. I thank Sean’s family, all our staff, and partners who are committed to keeping the memory of Sean alive for many generations to come.

Thank you