“Your Future…NOW!”

Are you underemployed? Working a “Survival Job”? Not employed in the field of your choice?

Elmwood Community Resource Centre is offering a FREE 5-week program with flexible times (evening and days) via ZOOM or in-person for Permanent Residents, naturalized Canadian Citizens, and Work Permit Holders over 18 years of age.

This is a free government-funded service to support those that may face barriers to employment, achieve their career goals.

Our team will help you with:

• Career planning and decision making to help you choose a career path

• Learning how to self-market for the position you are seeking

• Resumé and cover letter development as well as interview tips

• Access to exclusive local job opportunities and the hidden job market

• Job search assistance

• Career-related virtual workshops and online training

• Live video chats to answer your employment questions

• Workplace training and certification:  CPR First Aid, food handling, smart choices, and much, much more!


• 18+ years of age

• Permanent Residents

• Naturalized Canadian Citizens

• Work Permit Holders

• Candidates must pass the Canadian Language benchmark (CLB) with a score of 5+


We are always accepting applications! please contact us to find out when the next session is and Build your Future with an opportunity to find meaningful employment in a field of your choosing!


The Building Futures Program is built upon understanding and identifying the unique skills, education, and experience of our participants.  Small group sizes and one on one mentoring means you are not simply another number with a cookie-cutter approach to employment services.  We help each participant tailor make their resume, cover letter, and job search strategy to provide immediate and lasting impact on employability.

Our team also actively looks for partnerships with Winnipeg businesses looking to find talent in a tight talent market.  Unlike traditional “agencies” we do not charge employers for those candidates we provide to them.  Our focus is on providing our participants access to meaningful opportunities that they are ready and qualified to fill.

204-982-1720, extension 308


“I really appreciate for the Employment assistance program via ECRC.   Through this program, my interview skills have improved and had a refreshment on how to prepare for my future interviews.  I also appreciate for the free certifications such as First Aid/CPR, and also free Criminal records and Adult and child abuse registry records which are very useful for my future jobs.  With the certifications and interview skills, I am ready and confident to face any future interviews.”

Vishnupriya P. – October 29, 2021

“One of the things that really help me was the Mock Interview and the classes about how to make a cover letter and resume. I also was able to gain more knowledge and the right workplace language. I have been able to secure full time employment after I completed the program. I can recommend this program for other 100%.”

Ezeh N. – October 21, 2021

“If there is one thing I will recommend of this course is the quality time given to participants like me, taking out time to send job links and also do a follow up to ensure everything goes well, always ready to listen and give advice on what to do especially towards attaining a career goal. With the help of labour market, I have a well-structured resume which helped secured administrative position.”

Cordelia O. – November 1, 2021

“During my classes with ECRC, I was able to gain more knowledge on resume writing, cover letter writing and improve my interview skills. I’m now able to write a better resume and I see myself helping friends and family to develop their resume. After this program, I’m more prepared to work in the Canadian workplace.”

Oluwatosin B. – November 10, 2021

“The program helps me to understand how hiring process works. In that way I fell now that I am more prepared to showcase my skills in an interview and to do a good resume. My actual resume is ready to apply for a better position. It has the correct information and I am learning how to use this information depending of the job that I want to apply.”

Francisco C. – December 13, 2021

“I have learned Academic skills, team work skills, personal management skills, soft skills and essential skills. I also met with Mr. Dan who help me drafting my resume and we practice the interview questions, answers, body language and eye contact. I also met Sebastian who encourage me for government jobs, share his experience as an immigrant like me. It has been wonderful 5 weeks, I have met different world people here. Surely I’m looking forward to see them next year!”

Muriel B.– December 14, 2021