Faces of Elmwood – Celina Buschman

Celina Buschman is a University of Winnipeg Education student. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and has worked in the Elmwood community for the past 2 years. She is passionate about human rights, harm reduction, conflict resolution and community service, and hopes to become a school Guidance Counsellor after completing her Bachelor of Education. She is currently the Youth Mentor at the Elmwood Community Resource Centre’s YEAR program.

1. What is a world or local issue you are passionate about and why?
I really want people to be able to be themselves – think for themselves, be grounded in who they are, and be able to constantly grow and change. I think modern society and media can really affect this ability and I believe it’s very important to ourselves and our communities for people to be able to be themselves and speak their own truth.

2. Was there an important moment in your life? What was it and why?
I’ve had many significant moments in my life – each that have shaped who I am today. One recent one that really sticks out to me was leaving my Education Practicum block in March – saying goodbye to the kids and having them tell me how much they liked me and will miss me. It was heartwarming and really solidified my choice to become a teacher.

3. What project or job that you are working on that you are proud of and why? Or it could be a project that you have done in the past.
I’m not necessarily working on any specific project, but I am really proud of my job here at ECRC. I think I make a difference in youths’ lives everyday, mentoring them become better people – or more silly ones! I think it makes a great impact in our community and I’m really proud to work here.