Introduction to the Project

At Elmwood Community Resource Centre (ECRC) we are starting a new project called “Faces of Elmwood” molded after Humans of New York. Throughout the summer a community member will be featured with some interview questions along with a bio and a picture which will be posted onto the ECRC website and Facebook page.

The idea is for people to learn and be inspired by their neighbours through reading about new ideas and stories. It will also hold up a window into other people’s lives and show the reader that other people have similar thoughts, ideas, and struggles. The project will also promote the idea of Elmwood as being a strong, diverse, interesting community.

Faces of Elmwood:

Cecilia Araneda

Leanne Hildebrand

Dylan Martin 

Margaret Wilson

Ted Nickarz

Celina Buschman

Anne Pinnock

Deepak S


Tarek A

Kayla Haas