The Elmwood Community Resource Centre (ECRC) prides itself on an after-school drop-in program that provides youth with a supportive, safe space to learn and grow. The program features multi-cultural teaching, as well as arts and crafts, nutrition, recreational activities, academic supports (homework program), and life skills training.

These multitudes of programming allow youth to belong, develop marketable skills, and have a sense of pride and duty in their community through

  • Homework and Education for Elmwood Youth (HEEY)
  • Youth Counselling Sessions – access by youth and their families if necessary

Homework and Education for Elmwood Youth (HEEY)

The HEEY program’s holistic wrap-around model supports youth to overcome social issues – poverty, crime, low literacy rate, and mental health issues through a mix of academic, social and recreational activities that stimulate active learning that lays a foundation for a unique, effective academic success. During high school calendar year and three times a week (Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday) from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Elmwood High school’s library, HEEY, and in coalition with Elmwood High School administration,

  • Will provide a safe academic space for youth to do their homework
  • Will provide tutoring in mainstream subjects, exam preparation, scholarships and
    mentorships program
  • Will offer interactive and developmentally-appropriate activities that become more
    challenging to supplement in-classroom materials
  • Will offer counseling sessions and workshop

Youth Counselling Sessions and Workshops

To fully support youth at HEEY program, the counselling sessions will be intended to strengthen
youth that are struggling with school, addiction, family issues, grief, trauma, and gang and
violence. HEEY will promote an inclusive, self-growth environment where youth can attain
full potential growth. The HEEY program will also provide access and referrals to government
and community-based organizations.

Workshop Topics

  • Purpose and Identity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Civic engagement
  • Role of youth in Communities
  • Mental health awareness
  • Communication skills & building bridges    
  • Employment & reconciliation
  • Mindfulness & Leadership Skills

Benefits of HEEY Program to Youth

  • Improved grades
  • Motivate creativity
  • Build self-confidence

  • Improved mental health and youth issues
  • Increased school attendance
  • Lower gang involvement/violence

The importance of HEEY in the Elmwood Community

Supporting youth to maximize their potential is one of the mandates and initiatives that is
embedded in ECRC’s mission and vision. Part of ECRC’s environmental scan that addresses
social issues such as poverty, crime, low literacy rate, and mental health issues is to offer
programs such as HEEY to be a prerequisite that empowers youth and their families to compete
in mainstream capacities including enhancing wellbeing and growth i.e. youth pursuing higher
education, stables homes as well as develop marketable skills.

HEEY will motivate Elmwood area and communities at large through volunteerism, activities
and participation. HEEY will rely on volunteers from communities to deliver support that is