JUMP (Juniors Unifying and Mentoring Program)

J.U.M.P. is a growing summer programming in the Keenleyside Area. We are about unifying the children aged 6-11 in the area and helping them learn healthy and positive habits. This helps them develop the potential to mentor the positivity to one another and the even younger children in the area. We are about giving the children the tools and ideas to create a better lifestyle in the present and the future.

We have four areas of activities that help teach leadership, teamwork, sharing and other important life skills:

The Children's Museum Visit

The Children’s Museum Visit


  • Cultural Crafts (crafts with a story and a lesson)
    Making personalized items that teach responsability (magnetic name tags, decorating personal bags that they have to take care of in order to gain prizes)

Recreation (Indoor, Outdoor)

  • Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, etc.
  • Swimming
  • Walks (To and From Parks and other short walks to outings)
At the Zoo

At the Zoo


  • Capture The Flag
  • Team Building Games


  • Day at the Zoo
  • Picnics in the Park
  • Bowling
  • Hikes in the Park

Registration is in June

Grow, Learn and Have a Blast!

A puppet show

A puppet show

At the Zoo

At the Zoo