Faces of Elmwood – Leanne Hildebrand

This week Leanne Hildebrand is the Face of Elmwood person. Among other things, she is the Chair of the Elmwood Community Resource Centre’s Board of Directors.


Driven by an abiding passion for social justice, community development and an inclusive society, Leanne has spent the past two decades working as a researcher, social policy analyst, community development consultant, facilitator, and evaluator within the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors in several different Canadian provincial jurisdictions. Her interests include diversity studies, social justice policy, Multicultural Education, Anti-Oppressive Practice, and Canadian Indigenous Studies. Her love of volunteering and working in community has led to the role of Chair of the Elmwood Community Resource Centre, serving as an Agency Liaison Volunteer with the United Way of Winnipeg and Leanne is also part of the Therapy Dog Program through St. John Ambulance, along with her beloved dog Zeke. She loves hiking, biking, camping, reading, cooking, and baking.

1.What is one project you are working on that you are proud of? And why?

I am a volunteer not just with the Elmwood Community Resource Centre but also the United Way and the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. In each of these roles I have unique opportunities to work on different types of projects at various community organizations throughout the City of Winnipeg. Through these volunteer positions I am able to work with children, adults, youth, and everything in between. I love finding creative ways to contribute to those around me and volunteering has given me so many diverse experiences!

2.What makes you, you?

Hmmm… what makes me, me? Great question. I suppose those who know me might use words such as passionate, animal lover, quirky, lover of nature, always busy doing something. I love to spend time hiking, biking, paddling, cooking, baking, reading, helping and savouring the beauty of life.

 3.If you could change just one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

Another great question! There are so many things that contribute to the world being a place that is less harmonious; less equitable; and, less beautiful than it might be: war, poverty, hatred, unequal distribution of wealth, pollution, oppression of any kind, unchecked privilege, colonization, the “isms” (i.e.: sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism…etc.) among so many more. For me, I think where it all stems from is ignorance. Once we can move past ignorance we can begin to opens eyes and minds and hearts and begin to create a more accepting and loving and peaceful and respectful world together.