We have chosen “Resiliency” as our theme for the year 2018. Check out the Resiliency Wheel that we released on Tuesday at our Annual General Meeting!

We are of the opinion that regardless of our ancestry, race, religion or socioeconomics, resilience is our common thread. It serves as a sacred link that holds us together. The spirit of resilience is what has allowed the first nations to tame the rugged climate and wildlife of the prairies and not only survive, but also thrive as strong communities.

It is the same resilience, which fueled the settlers as they established communities in the Red River Valley and beyond. Armed with the same resilience, newcomers to the province are rebuilding their lives far from all their ancestral homes but with a firm conviction that their children will have a brighter future than what was available to them while growing up.

Let’s together celebrate our resilience as a community and beyond celebrating, let’s roll our sleeves and partner with other stakeholders in fostering strong collaboration, promoting reconciliation.

Together with you, we represent a beacon of hope, and resiliency for our community!