Face of Elmwood – Sean

This week Faces of Elmwood feature another amazing Elmwood resident, and our dedicated ECRC Team. Sean is our Youth Program Manager

1. What is a world or local issue are you passionate about and why?
I don’t like looking at issues we are facing; rather I would look at solutions to resolve them. Recently I took up Mountain Biking as a hobby. I learned over time that cycling supports several world issues we currently are facing in the Western Society including Health, Environmental, and Social Economics concerns.

Summer of Last year I have been using my Bi-cycle for the majority of my transportation. It serves multiple purposes. One of the biggest components of biking is the health benefits (Physical and Mental). Since I discovered my passion I have lost weight and also have been committed to living an active life. Cycling allows me to keep active without the dreadfulness or treating workouts like a chore, where you have to get them done. There’s nothing like getting off work and biking around the Forks or finding a new trail, route or path. It truly clears my mind and helps me re-enter myself. When I am biking it opens my eyes to all the amazing things Winnipeg has to offer and I think the whole City should be aware of it.
My goal is to live in a City with more accessible cycling paths. Winnipeg has only begun that journey. I look forward to the day this becomes a reality.

2. Was there an important moment in your life? What was it and why?

In 2012 I had several friends passed away on me one being my best friend’s brother who passed away from suicide. This really shook me up emotionally. Quickly after his Suicide, I had another two close friends passed away from drug abuse and driving under the influence. All this compound grief lead me to look for a greater purpose in life. At the time I was working for a local Mechanical Company and was unhappy with my own life. I began looking at ways to re-direct my life and I came across a posting for “Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma” though CDI College. I needed to put purpose to everything that had happened to me recently so I stay committed to this journey and graduated. This was a huge moment in my life, not only did I teach myself that I could do something great with myself but also turned all my negative experience into positive ones. I am truly blessed to be in the position I am in.
I work for Elmwood Community Resource Centre which is the community I grew up in as a youth. I have the pleasure of working with youth that faces similar issue that I faced growing up and use our experience to help support and learn from each other.

3. What project or job that you are working on that you are proud of and why? Or it could be a project that you have done in the past.

There have been many projects that I’ve worked on during my time at ECRC that I am proud of; some as small as working with a youth to gain employment or other teaching youth how to cope with stress of life. Much of the work I do is centered to building youth capacity and teaching them how to be the best they can be either by building up their confidence or simply setting a small individual goal with them. It is rewarding to know that we‘ve impacted someone’s life in a positive way and also have created a sense of trust and community spirit. I am currently volunteering with a sister organization serving youth in WestEnd as well as within our local Neighborhood Corporation.