ECRC is honored to help in the support of youth and families in the Elmwood area through a new program called Strength to Be (STB). Strength to Be is a cultural empowerment program for African-Canadian youth and families in Elmwood.  Check below for info session times.

This program encourages youth in our community to learn more about their culture heritage and history while inspiring, motivating and empowering them to stand tall in building resiliency and outer strength.

STB focuses on building self-esteem, cultural/racial identity, spirituality, social justice awareness, leadership skills and civic engagement in youth and families. This program works in partnership with Reach Out! Youth Program, ECRC’s High School Lunch and Learn sessions and our community Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Worker (NISW) to provide the wraparound support the youth and families need to succeed.

We hope that Strength to Be will aid in the facilitation and enhancement of the recognition and acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and values of successful civic engagement while enhancing coping mechanisms to navigate daily stressors and societal issues including racism, discrimination, and systemic oppression. We believe that by working in collaboration with the youth, they can learn to make a difference in their communities by taking leadership roles and getting involved in community building work.

To further these aims, the STB program has an educational component whereby the successful youths have the opportunity to qualify for additional scholarships after completing an essay or making a video about their personal experiences and thoughts on ways to handle, and positively bring awareness to social justice issues in the community.

The Strength to Be program will be held Tuesdays to Fridays with each having specific themes– Wednesdays and Fridays between 4 PM-8 PM will focus on Cultural empowerment & Civic components, Tuesdays and Thursdays will focus on academic support and employability skills.

For more information related to the STB program please contact:
Ingrid – 204-982-1720 ext. 211 or
Ibrahim 204-982-1720 ext. 208 or