Faces of Elmwood – Tarek A

This week Faces of Elmwood features Tarek A, our ECRC Team

Candles of Hope by Tarek. A story of HOPE and Resiliency…..

“I arrived in Canada last spring as Mb Nominee. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy transition in my life especially at the beginning. I left my career, my family and my friends behind. I heard from many people that it was going to take me a long time to find even casual work, so you can imagine how it is going to take to find work related to your career.
It was very tough time, After 45 days of nothing at all, I had two choices; the first one was to blame myself for leaving everything behind to come to Canada and I think most newcomers do this at the beginning. The second choice was to turn to my LORD and ask him to take over. That faith helped me to keep my cool and kept me thinking that there is a good plan for me. All I needed was to believe and wait.

I got a call from the Elmwood Community and Resource Center, to interview me for the position of a settlement support worker (NISW). I was offered a position of Educational assistant not NISW position which made me even happier as I find my passion in teaching.
ECRC, I found all the support and the understanding which is hard to find in many work places. Since working at ECRC, I have been supported by all means from the whole team. They are really thankful and appreciative team.

They thank you and appreciate your work although they do not have to as it is what I do to earn my living. Recently, they offered me an online course on Adult literacy which will help me develop my career as a teacher. So they spared no efforts to help in my professional development despite the short time I spent working with them. They did not think that he is a novice worker, let’s give him some more time and see what is going to happen.
My advice to everyone, never lose your hope or faith, set a gaol for yourself, know it is going to take some time and some efforts, and find your way to get to it. But don’t lose HOPE.”