Faces of Elmwood – Ted Nickarz

This week Faces of Elmwood is Ted Nickarz
Ted has a varied and interesting career. He started his work life in Accounting and move
over to sales for Swift Canadian. Then he moved onto construction working for big
companies and small ones for many years and in two provinces.

1. What is one job or project you have worked on or are working on that
you are proud of and why?
Trying to raise his children right was the most important and valuable work that Ted has
attempted. Children are the most important thing because they continue on with the
work that you and your parents and grandparents have done.

2. Has there been a crucial moment in your life that defined you as a
Successfully understanding and navigating various systems and being able to live his life
peaceful. Ted shared with us that he likes to get things done and don’t waste time in

3. If you could choose one thing to change about this world, what would
it be?
Now at 71 years old Ted has adopted his doctor’s philosophy to ensure life’s longevity — –
love, laugh, dance, as long as you still can.