exists as a capacity-building opportunity for our volunteers, the ECRC, and our larger Elmwood community. We recognize that volunteers come from all walks of life, cultures, sectors of the economy, and skillsets. With this knowledge, we seek to provide our volunteers with adequate placements, training, support, and encouragement through our Volunteer Program. See some of our opportunities below:

  • Drop-In Admin Assistant
  • Promotions Designer NISW
  • Healthy Baby Volunteers
  • Employer Speakers EYEE
  • Employment & Life Skills Instructors EYEE
  • Board Members: Adult & Youth
  • Community Art Volunteers
  • Event Volunteers
  • Flyer Delivery Volunteers


Through volunteering, you can get to know your neighbours, improve the services provided to our community, build new skills, or exercise existing ones. Volunteerism can earn you a reference for employment, increase your awareness of community opportunities and help build a stronger community.


All of our great programs can benefit from the amazing contributions of volunteers. If you are interested in donating your time with us we would love to match your skills and interests to our various volunteer opportunities. Whether you can spare an hour or a year we would love to welcome you to our team. All of our opportunities are updated regularly on our website and if you have any questions about our volunteer program or need assistance with filling out our volunteer application you can contact our office and someone would be happy to help.


All of our screening is done based on a Volunteer Opportunity’s designated Level of Trust and is indicated on each Volunteer Job Description. The screening formula goes; the more trust a volunteer position requires, the more screening is needed. We can provide you with assistance on how to proceed with screening requirements, but remember there are always a variety of opportunities ranging from Minimal to High and our screening is designed to ensure the best possible match between a volunteer with ECRC volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering, or you would like information about the program, please contact us below!

Email: adminassistant@elmwoodcrc.ca or phone: (204) 982-1720