There is a reason why Concept 2 is known as the best rowing machine. During the pandemic thousands of people are searching for Concept 2 rowing machines for sale. The Model D Indoor Rower is now a staple in commercial gyms, contests, home gyms, and also some other endurance training plan. It has perfect performance and trusted layout has turned into Concept two into a family name and led to the Model D Indoor Rower function as best selling indoor rower on earth.

Perform low-impact, higher reward cardiovascular workouts with this particular machine that's made for both Olympic-level athletes, and useable for all exercise levels. Track your progress using a state-of-the-art Performance Monitor System. Do everything onto a battery-operated machine using a 24" x 96" footprint.

Day following day; year following year; this Concept 2 Rower Model D will continue to stand by you through your practice and bring you closer to your fitness objectives.


The Model D's strong structure, battery-powered functionality, and front wheels make it the ideal alternative for commercial and home gyms. No plug required. Simply put it down and get to work.


Model D Rowers are fitted with the most innovative Concept 2 Performance System, PM5. Track your speed, frequency, stroke speed, and caloriesand select from many different exercise programs. The flywheel and coil damper are expertly crafted to provide you the best work out.

The dependable functionality of the Model D Indoor Rower is now the best-selling indoor rower on earth. Inspired by aggressive rowers as the norm for indoor instruction, the Model D provides a powerful aerobic exercise that will boost your exercise level and tone your body. In a fraction of the price of other home exercise equipment or a yearly gym membership, then you are able to get the luxury of exercising on your house if you choose...and also get a fantastic workout to boot up. We appreciate practical layout: Our Model D is engineered and will last a lifetime. The Model D you purchase is the exact same equipment used by Olympic- and - elite-level athletes to prepare for their game --it will take the misuse of heavy training day daily. If you're searching for a good piece of exercise equipment in a fantastic price, the Model D is the best option.